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Sustainable living is Better living

Why pay grocers and brokers
When you can grow food at home?

321 Aquaponics

Grow food without dirt, fertilizer or pesticides, sustainably.

If you follow the link below, you will see the link to our YouTube channel.
Here we try to explain the system and the amazing value of using aquaculture to nourish our garden. The system we have set up is fairly simple and reasonably inexpensive using repurposed containers.

I welcome visits to my YouTube channel, but I also found this source who I have found to be quite helpful.


Microgreens, or "sprouts" are packed with nutrition and require a minimum of space to grow. All that is required is a tray, a sunny window water and a nice porous medium.
In a week, you can grow a nutritious crop to add to soups, salads, sandwiches, or, if you get tired of the letter "s" for all your foods, you can toss them into your juicer for a Smoothie. ( I couldn't resist.)
I have a pretty comprehensive series on my YouTube channel, have a look!

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Traditional farming

A tiny patch of earth can be a source of abundant food. There are hundreds of ways to make your yard beautiful and productive. We will research and contribute here, along with links.
Have you considered growing your vegetable garden on hay bales? Perhaps a raised garden, or a tank garden? Not everything is rakin' and hoein', and weedin'. In fact, a nontraditional garden is often less labor intensive, once it is all set up.
Last month, I found a sweet potato in my pantry that had gone overlooked for long enough that it started to bud, so I stuck in the dirt. Well, it has take hold in my garden and I am looking forward to several pounds of nutritious sweet potatoes in a few months.
It really can be that easy.

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Tiny home Living: is it for you?

Have you considered a “Tiny Home”?

Frequently, we are faced with the idea that luxuury living in a McMansion is overpriced and overvalued.  A fair chunk of the population is heading for the hills and minimizing the headaches and expense of conventional housing.

The options are myriad.

You can start from the ground up and build a cabin, or hunter’s hut ( if you are inclined to go primitive), or there is the new trend of building a tiny house on wheels, which in many areas, sidesteps a lot of zoning and code enforcement intrusions.

My sister-in-law is partial to the Yurt, while I would be quite at home in a tipi.  Both yurt and tipi are available from Amazon. If you are so inclined,and  you are interested in building your own tiny slice of paradise, we’ve found  a great resource who will help you Here.

I almost left out the newest entry into unconventional homesteading !

Cargo containers!  I don’t think there’s a more carefree method of fabricating a home.  They’re made to endure insane pressures and collisions!  And, they can be had at amazingly reasonable prices.

If you’re in the market, have a look here

Poultry and Quail.

Is there a more cost effective food source than raising chickens for the eggs?
Layers are more than livestock, they become pets.  Unless you have a massive flock, you will come to know each of your birds’ personalities and idiosyncracies.

I never bought chicken feed.  I had a tractor that I would put my hens in, and every day I would move it to a different part of the yard.  Just a few feet over and they had a brand new patch of bugs and grass to scratch around in!
They also got table scraps.  All of ’em!  If you can eat it, they certainly will!

If you put together a flock of ten or more birds you can amass 60 or 70 eggs a week.
These will sell quickly at the farmer’s market at just a dollar or two below retail.

I’ve looked around and found these nice people to help get you your first flock all comfy in their own home.


Learn KILLER EPC’s! Ex Green Beret Officer covers home defense tips, safety, tips, tricks, and more things to keep your loved ones alive, HERE



Together with my good friend and fellow off-gridder Ron Melchiore, we’ve created what may very well be the most comprehensive, step-by-step system to transform YOU from an honest homeowner into a self-sufficient person that has an extra income and doesn’t owe anybody a thing.

It’s called:

The Self-Sufficient Backyard